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“Lovells Eliminator” Fully-Engineered Performance Suspension Kits

May 4, 2011

Do we have some great news for you! We now stock the awesome range of “Lovells Eliminator” fully-engineered performance suspension kits, specially developed for street and race use by professional suspension engineers.

Each kit features Lovells’ uprated springs with Eliminator shocks, specially valved to provide optimum damping rates for your vehicle.  Combined with Lovell’s tuned suspension bushings, Eliminator kits take the guesswork out of matching aftermarket shocks and springs, for a perfect ride.

Eliminator Shock Absorbers

  • Performance valving
  • Re-buildable & can be re-valved
  • Heavy duty twin tube construction
  • Huge 36mm internal bore with a seamless/polished inner tube
  • Short body/short travel to suit lowered springs, up to 3" low, while still maintaining full suspension travel and bump stop clearance
  • Options to suit up to 22" after market wheel and tyre combinations
  • Dyno Tested

Complete Suspension Kits

5 Year/unlimited km Warranty (Springs)

3 Year/70,000 km Warranty (Shock Absorbers)